Message from Principal

  This is a happy moment for MIMC where we are in a position of revamping Medical and Allied Health Education to develop a comprehensive healthcare approach. We need to give equal importance to all the four elements of health which include prevention, promotion, curative intervention and rehabilitation. In the current system we strongly believe the nursing, Paramedical, allied health and Public health along with Medical Education require preferential treatment and this is the approach we would like to develop by the healthcare team at all levels for all, including healthcare delivery system.
Mission Statement
Medicine is service to humanity where our institution is committed for excellence in Medical Education and research in which the medical students will be provided the cognitive, psychosomatic knowledge and attitudes to deliver the highest standard of healthcare to the people and be able to meet the Challenges of the modern world in the current trends of Medicines and Technology and also to develop ethical practice.
MIMC Vision
1. To develop learning opportunities both for students and faculty.
2. To promote academics in the institution.
3. To Practice valid assessment techniques for evaluation of knowledge, skill and attitudes.
4. To establish collaboration and co-operation with other similar educational and healthcare institution both nationally and internationally.
MIMC Values
1. We will strive to impart honesty, integrity and respect for humanitarian, traditional and cultural values.
2. To acquire capability in Generation, Synthesis, application and dissemination of knowledge.
3. To introduce a system of Medical Education for lifelong learning.
4. Professional development of faculty and supportive staff.
5. To develop mutual respect and collaboration.
6. To develop a system of accountability for everyone.
7. To develop a good service to the community and human being as a whole.
8. To continue to improve our program with honesty and dedication.
MIMC Priorities
1. A system of Medical Education and training with emphasis on prevention, promotion, curative intervention and rehabilitation.
2. To impart in our students the skills of Generation, Synthesis, application and dissemination of knowledge.
3. To develop a curriculum which is dynamic, vibrant, and relevant to the field of medicine and accommodate extracurricular, literary and cultural activities. It should also include behavioral sciences and humanities.
4. To develop an objective and continues evaluation system and exercise concept of academic, research and clinical audits.
5. To enhance level of education in basic medical sciences, clinical and allied health sciences, nursing and paramedics.
6. To develop a healthcare team who should approach at all levels of healthcare delivery, for a comprehensive healthcare delivery system.