An Internal Evaluation is carried out at regular intervals in the form of periodical test, term tests, send-up tests, after the completion of a prescribed course of lectures, demonstrations and clinical work. The internal evaluation score constitutes 10% of the total marks allocated to each subject of the MBBS program in all the examinations. The internal evaluation will consist of the following:
1. Monthly Test: At least once a month in each subject.
2. Term Test: After every two to three months, in all the subjects.
3. Send-up Test: About one month before each annual University examination, a send-up test, covering the entire course and theory, viva and practical components, will be conducted by the college. A Student, who fails to clear the send-up test, will NOT be eligible to appear in the Annual Professional Examination. Pass marks in send up tests, monthly tests and term tests is 50%
1. As per the University rules, the candidates having less than 75% attendance in lectures / demonstration / practical / tutorials or clinical hours of any subject, will NOT be admitted to the Annual Professional Examination of the University.
2. The leave availed will be at the student's own risk as far as the percentage of attendance is concerned and even a medical 'certificate will not condone a deficiency in the required attendance.
3. Before each University examination, the students will have to produce a "No Dues Certificate" on a prescribed proforma. Students, who fail to produce the required certificate will be detained and not permitted to appear in the University examination.
4. The Dean/Principal has the right to restrain, at any stage, a student from appearing in the Professional MBBS Examination of the University on the basis of ill discipline, shortage of attendance and poor academic performance, besides, if in his opinion, the student has conduct or character, unbecoming of a medical student.
5. The minimum passing marks for each subject in any examination are 50% to be obtained separately, in theory and in viva voce/ practical examination.
6. On completion of Annual Professional University examination, the students will be provisionally promoted to the next higher class. On announcement of the result by the University, all such students who are declared as failed, will not be allowed to continue their studies with the next higher class, unless they pass in the supplementary examination.
7. The students, who fail even in- the supplementary examination of the University, will have to attend lectures / practical / tutorials / clinics with the class to which they are relegated. It will be mandatory for such students to once again attend at least 75% of the prescribed academic activities (lectures/practical/tutorials /clinics etc) in the subject (s) failed. For the remaining time of the college hours, they will carry out supervised self study or attend the clinic in the concerned departments. In such cases, the lectures, practical, clinical demonstrations etc, attended during their provisional promotion shall stand cancelled.
8. The students who fail to clear the First Professional MBBS examinations in three attempts, availed or un-availed after becoming eligible for examination shall cease to become eligible for further medical and dental education in Pakistan.
9. The use of unfair means in internal examinations will be reported to the Principal while such cases in professional examinations will be reported to the University for appropriate action against the students concerned.